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About The Technology

The first non-obvious advancement of the United Sciences technology was scanning inside a cavity—that is, putting a scanner in a hole. It was considered impossible to get light in and out of a small hole for the purposes of imaging because all conventional 3D scanning technology used only forward illumination to scan the surface of objects and not their interior. United Sciences turned scanning inside out by developing a proprietary lens structure that projected radial illumination within the cavity thereby enabling the scanner to project sideways within a cavity.


United Sciences’ Core 3D Hole Scanning Technology

Only technology capable of accurately scanning and measuring a hole or cavity through non-contact means

Human Ear

  • Entertainment Customized earbuds and headphones for consumers
  • Protection Military and industrial hearing protection devices (earplugs)
  • Wearables Wearable devices capable of providing activity tracking and biometric sensing data
  • Audio Devices Ultimate comfort and fit from a safer, more accurate process than silicone impressions

Precision Engineering

  • Aerospace Automation of the assembly hole inspection process which today is performed by multiple handheld inspection tools.
  • Automotive Energy United Sciences’ scanners like the AEROSCAN improve quality while creating significant industry cost and time savings for OEMs by reducing inspection time and eliminating unnecessary rework across high volume manufacturing processes.

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