United Sciences

United Sciences has developed highly disruptive technologies that overcome the technical challenges of existing 3D scanners that are only capable of measuring exterior surfaces. In partnership with our customers across various end markets, United Sciences strives to deliver cutting edge products and services that constantly evolve based on the changing needs of our customers. We are headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia with customers and research partners around the world.

Why is this so disruptive?
• Human Ear:
o This 3D scanning technology will displace the industry standard “pink goo” silicone impressions needed to create a mold. Scanning will save significant time and money versus traditional impression molds, is completely safe and non-invasive and creates a superior quality product.
• Precision Engineering:
o This 3D scanning technology will displace the need for subjective and multiple handheld inspection tools and enables optimized automation throughout high volume manufacturing processes yielding tremendous industry cost & time savings and quality improvement.