United Sciences

mscUnited Sciences offers the only ear scanning solution that enables scalable, custom ear device sales with on-demand manufacturing & fulfillment. We are transforming the music and entertainment industry by changing the way music, gaming and entertainment is experienced through a customized and personalized product with optimal fit, comfort, attenuation and fidelity.

Consumer Retail

Consumer RetailUnited Sciences has leveraged the core technology of the in-ear scanner to develop a solution specific for retail. Within as little as 35 sq. ft. of retail space, the eFit station allows a customer to be scanned by any hourly employee and purchase in-ear products — headphones, headsets, ear plugs, hearing protection for recreational sports or occupation, wearables, etc. These scans will enable many consumers to experience their first customized device and once they do, they will never want to buy generic headphones or other devices again!

These products can be 3D printed either onsite or offsite within a few day turnaround. Once a scanned is obtained, consumers can access their scans through www.yourear.com and order multiple custom devices across different product categories without having to obtain their ear measurements again.

Pro Audio

pitUnited Sciences has teamed up with Ultimate Ears Pro, a Logitech brand, to use United Sciences’ patented 3D scanning technology which will change the way custom in-ear monitors and earphones are crafted. UE Pro is a leading supplier of custom in-ear monitors for on-stage professional musicians, sound engineers, and music enthusiasts. United Sciences will enable the consumers and enthusiasts to experience the fidelity, comfort, fit and attenuation that rock stars currently enjoy on stage.