United Sciences

Continuous exposure to noise of an excessive scale damages the sensitive structures of the human inner ear resulting in a noise-induced hearing loss (NIHL). NIHL is the most world’s most common occupational illness and it is also 100% preventable. If the right measures are not taken, it can result in permanent disability.

Most commercially available (non-custom) hearing protection devices today (earplugs or earmuffs) were designed during the 1960’s. The three main reasons behind hearing loss in industrial applications are a result of the protection devices being an uncomfortable, ineffective fit and as a result, intermittent use.

United Sciences scanning technology will allow military forces and corporations whom have personnel and employees that are exposed to dangerous noise levels to provide custom hearing protection devices. Scanning will ultimately displace impression earmolds and there are several ways implementation of United Sciences’ eFit scanning process will be a decisive improvement compared to traditional methods:

  • Cost savings and productivity
  • Quality and product consistency
  • Technology-enabled business processes
  • Safety mitigation and adhering to compliance standards
  • Scalability and growth potential of the custom device