United Sciences

The human ear offers certain natural, anatomical advantages for delivering new and exciting technological breakthroughs in collecting health data, providing “always on” audio communication and allowing wearers to take control of how connected they are to both the physical and virtual world.

Wearables & Hearables

Motion artifacts that affect data collection are no longer a factor, which is one of the biggest criticisms of devices like smart watches today which move on the wrist and create inconsistencies in data collection. The custom devices created from United Sciences’ scans put sensors in the same place every time within the ear and information collected is repeatable due to the custom earpiece fitting only one way. The experiments United Sciences have done within the ear using our 3D scans to make devices with biometric sensors and electrodes embedded have shown very promising data and the company is working with leading innovation labs and multinational companies to develop use cases and commercialize certain products using the scanning technology.