United Sciences

Music & Entertainment:

United Sciences offers the only ear scanning solution that enables scalable, custom ear device sales with on-demand manufacturing & fulfillment.  We are transforming the music and entertainment industry by changing the way music, gaming and entertainment is experienced through a customized and personalized product with optimal fit, comfort, attenuation and fidelity.
Consumer & Retail:
United Sciences has leveraged the core technology of the in-ear scanner to develop a solution specific for retail.  Within as little as 35 sq. ft. of retail space, eFit Station allows a customer to be scanned by any hourly employee and purchase in-ear products — headphones, headsets, hearing protection for recreational sports or occupation, wearables, etc.  These products can be 3D printed generally within a 48-72 hour turnaround.  Once a scanned is obtained, consumers can access their scans through www.yourear.com and order multiple devices without having to obtain their ear measurements again.

United Sciences has teamed up with Ultimate Ears Pro, a Logitech (NASDAQ: LOGI) brand, to use United Sciences’ patented 3D scanning technology which will change the way custom in-ear monitors and earphones are crafted.  UE Pro is a leading supplier of custom in-ear monitors for on-stage professional musicians, sound engineers, and music enthusiasts.


Military & Industrial Protection:
Continuous exposure to noise of an excessive scale damages the sensitive structures of the human inner ear resulting in a noise-induced hearing loss (NIHL).  NIHL is the most world’s most common occupational illness and it is also 100% preventable.  If the right measures are not taken, it can result in permanent disability.  Most commercially available (non-custom) hearing protection devices today (earplugs or earmuffs) were designed during the 1960’s.  The three main reasons behind hearing loss in industrial applications are a result of the protection devices being an uncomfortable, ineffective fit and as a result, intermittent use.

United Sciences scanning technology will allow military forces and corporations whom have personnel and employees that are exposed to dangerous noise levels to provide custom hearing protection devices.  Scanning will ultimately displace impression earmolds and there are several ways implementation of United Sciences’ eFit scanning process will be a decisive improvement compared to traditional methods:

  • Cost savings and productivity
  • Quality and product consistency
  • Technology-enabled business processes
  • Safety mitigation and adhering to compliance standards
  • Scalability and growth potential of the custom device

Laboratories & Education:
United Science’s roots are in research & development and engineering so it’s the desire of the company to put its technology in the hands of national laboratories, universities and research centers to drive further discovery and innovation.  United Sciences works together with these institutions to develop use cases for product and service commercialization or will simply sell or license its technology for further development.  United Sciences works to further develop products within its targeted markets or help apply its 3D hole scanning technology for uses in new applications and industry fields.

Healthcare & Medical Device:


The advent of biometric scanning technology and the popularity of “wearables” portend significant growth in the nascent “hearables” segment. The human ear offers certain natural, anatomical advantages for delivering new and exciting technological breakthroughs in collecting health data, providing “always on” audio communication and allowing wearers to take control of just how connected they are to both the physical and virtual world.

Aerospace & Precision Manufacturing
United Sciences’ core hole scanning technology can be applied to all precision engineering and machining holes as part of a precise, non-contact measurement, diagnostics, and analytics solution. Aeroscan is best applied to manufacturing processes where precise metrology, quality and repeatability are the most important and determining factors as the automated solution can create significant productivity gains and save meaningful rework and labor costs on behalf of manufacturers.