Handheld Aeroscan

aeroscanThe Aeroscan™ is a non-contact, objective, technical advancement in modern air vehicle hole inspection and measurement that can save OEM’s, suppliers, and integrators millions of dollars a year through reduced inspection time and by the elimination of rework while improving quality.

Within seconds, the one-size fits all holes handheld Aeroscan™ 3D scanner takes a series of precise hole measurements (diameter, countersink diameter, countersink depth, grip length, perpendicularity, mixed material stacks of any arrangement). Bore diameters are measured to within 5 microns (0.0002″) of accuracy and repeatability. The Handheld Aeroscan™ also enables hole-diagnostics such as burr and debris identification, drill life assessment, gap/crack detection, and a reduction of gapped fasteners and destack.

Any hole inspector can use the Handheld Aeroscan™ device which weighs less than 1.7 kg (3.75 lbs) and can inspect holes using existing drill jigs. Upon measuring the hole, the inspector is notified by a green light/red light indicator whether the hole is within specifications. A supplemental user interface on a tablet shows the actual measurements and indicates what measurement is out of tolerance. The images of the holes and diagnostics, which are stored on the tablet that is carried by the inspector, can then downloaded for use by production or research and technology. Measurements of each hole are saved in an XML file for import into SPC/MES systems.The Handheld Aeroscan™ finally offers integrators a complete inspection solution which can be used to re-inspect the “out-of-spec” holes identified by the Automated Aeroscan™ in a multi-function end-effector (drill, inspect, and fill) without having to move the end-effector back to the hole.

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