eFit Scanner

eFitScannerCES_InnovationAwards_2016HonoreeThe handheld eFit scanner is the only 3D scanner in the world that captures the true geometry of the human ear which in turn produces the optimum custom in-ear device – from custom headphones, in-ear monitors for music performance, hearing protection, and even “hearables” capable of accurate health monitoring and fitness tracking. An in-ear custom device is a new product class which captures all the headphone benefits (fit, comfort, attenuation and fidelity) and eliminates all the negatives.

The reason why this new custom product class does not exist today is because 3D scanning an ear is extremely difficult due to the ear canal bending, having wax, hair, liquid, and with no available light because ear canals are pitch black dark inside. Every ear is different, ears are like snowflakes, so fit and comfort are very difficult attributes to acquire.

Consumers claim the devices created by the eFit scanner fit so well that when they wear the in-ear devices they cannot feel them, the in-ear device is like an extension of their bodies.

The true geometry of the ear also provides the optimum attenuation or seal which helps prevent noise induced hearing loss. The optimum fidelity is created because the 3D scan points the receiver directly to the tympanic membrane (ear drum) and exactly where the tympanic membrane is angled.This directional sound also allows the listener a much safer listening experience due to being able to listen to the music at a much lower decibel level.