Automated Aeroscan


The Aeroscan™ is a non-contact, objective, technical advancement in modern air vehicle hole inspection and measurement that can save OEM’s, suppliers, and integrators millions of dollars a year through reduced inspection time and by the elimination of rework while improving 1st time quality.

OEM’s, suppliers, and integrators can now use their multi-function end effectors to sequentially drill, inspect and fill with fasteners within seconds. There is no more waiting for inspectors to inspect the hole by hand before a fastener is filled into the hole. The Automated Aeroscan™ can be integrated or retrofitted as an end effector into most commercially available automated drilling and countersinking machines. The United Sciences integration team will work to integrate the Automated Aeroscan™ hardware and software into the end effectors or drill heads in the least disruptive way possible.

After integration the one size fits all holes Automated Aeroscan™ 3D scanner takes a series of precise hole measurements (diameter, countersink diameter, countersink depth, grip length, perpendicularity, mixed material stacks of any arrangement). Bore diameters are measured to within 5 microns (0.0002″) of accuracy and repeatability. The Automated Aeroscan™ also enables hole-diagnostics such as burr or debris identification, drill life assessment, gap/crack detection, and a reduction of gapped fasteners and destacking requirements.

The Aeroscan™ communicates measurements to a machine controller over Ethernet. Measurements of each hole are also saved in an XML file for import into SPC/MES systems.

The Automated Aeroscan™ coupled with the Handheld Aeroscan™ offers integrators a complete inspection solution, and after rework can be used to re-inspect the out of tolerance holes identified by the Automated Aeroscan™ in a multi-function end-effector (drill, inspect, and fill) without having to move the end-effector back to the hole.